Azziad’s Strong Message After Her Alleged Leaked Video Hit The Internet

Since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, creatives worldwide turned to Tiktok to stay sane and also to showcase their creative work.

Tiktok has also propelled so many songs to popularity when creatives such as Aziad Nasenya “hops” onto them.

Tiktok and social media in general changed the world of fame.

Here is a list of some Kenyans who have earned popularity from their Tiktok videos.

Azziad Nasenya

The lass is branded as Kenya’s Tiktok queen; She shot to fame when a video of her dancing went viral.

She has truly changed the influencer game.

Her rate card went viral sometime last year when netizens couldn’t believe just how much she makes per post.

According to a leaked rate card, Azziad charges 100k per scripted Tiktok video and 50K for a live show on the same platform.

She also gets various endorsements and is living up to the task.

Tileh DanceKing Pacbro

The dancer has curved a name for himself in the entertainment industry from doing TikTok trends.

He is among the Kenyan creatives to create dance routines for Kenyan songs on TikTok.

Featured on CNN’s African voices he talked of how he wants to change how Kenya perceives dance.

The dancer recently moved to Spain with his fiance and life seems to be good for them.

Tileh is never shy to share his journey to fame as a few months ago.

Recently, he fulfilled a promise to his mom by paying an air ticket for her.

He has also grown his Youtube audience and is a dancer to watch out for.

Wahura Kavutha

Wahura doubles as a Tiktoker and a Youtuber.

She is very creative with her Tiktok acts leaving many in stitches.

Paired with beauty and creativeness she is headed for more.

Official Kinuthia

Kinuthia is an actor, content creator and influencer.

He entertains his fans with his funny acts on Tiktok and Instagram Reels.

He sometimes plays dress-up as he is not afraid to show his authentic self.

His authenticity has propelled his Tiktok fan base.

The actor also makes some club appearances in which he gets paid.

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